Our Approach

We believe that an integrated and easily accessible approach to behavioral healthcare is the best service delivery model for restoring psychological health and building resilient communities. Our providers offer mental health services via Telehealth, in church settings and other locations where individuals visit regularly and feel the most comfortable.

History has shown that underserved, underinsured and disadvantaged individuals rarely seek professional, but often utilize resources in medical and community settings. For example, a large percentage of African Americans who experience emotional distress seek support from non-medical resources such as the church, family and community groups.

By offering mental health counseling services via Telehealth and in other easy accessible settings, we are capable of reaching and treating underserved, underinsured and disadvantaged individuals who would probably never receive essential and vital mental health care.

We work together with spiritual leaders to help address individuals’ mental health and spiritual needs within church settings. Offering mental health services in the church setting has multiple benefits for individuals. While they seek and receive salvation, they can also seek and receive mental health counseling.  Our providers understand the importance of integrating theology and psychology to help in the healing process.    

We believe that all humans should receive behavioral health counseling if needed and we make sure that they have access through our easily accessible and integrated approach.

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