Mission & Vision

TERC’s mission is to reduce healthcare disparities, build resilient communities and restore the psychological health of traumatized African Americans, active military members and veterans through the delivery of integrated and easily accessible behavioral healthcare.

We envision a world where all human beings are granted access to high-quality and easily accessible behavioral health services.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care based on the following values: uniqueness, accessible, equitable, culturally sensitive and empathetic, customer driven service and service excellence.

We place emphasis on the personal worth of each individual and strive to empower individuals from within. We are dedicated to helping individuals preserve their individual self-worth by helping them examine and resolve personal barriers that inhibit growth.

We are committed to eliminating disparities in behavioral healthcare and demonstrate our commitment by providing services to all clients through donation healthcare in easily accessible settings.

We value and respect all humans and work diligently to ensure that everyone receives fair and quality behavioral healthcare and is positioned to thrive in every aspect of life.

We provide culturally sensitive services and believe that empathy is an indispensable skill that is needed to serve, connect with and help clients reach their full potential.   

We focus on providing services that fully meet the needs of our valuable clients. Our staff is committed to addressing our clients’ challenges and anticipating their needs, and we do so by building genuine relationships that are customer-focused.

We train and retain staff that can deliver high-quality services and do the best job for our clients.

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